Watch how Haaland reacts to his FIFA 23 stats

Watch how Haaland reacts to his FIFA 23 stats

Haaland reacts to his FIFA 23 stats

Watch how Haaland reacts to his FIFA 23 stats

Erling Haaland, the Norwegian football sensation, has expressed his disappointment with his player rating in the upcoming FIFA 23 video game. The game’s developer, EA Sports, has been gradually releasing player ratings ahead of the game’s release on September 30th.

Haaland’s rating of 88, the same as his rating in FIFA 22, places him as the joint-third best player in Manchester City’s squad, behind Kevin De Bruyne (rated 91) and Ederson (rated 89). Reacting to his rating, Haaland stated that he believes he deserves a higher rating, but he will accept the 88 rating nonetheless.

Haaland has had a phenomenal start to his career with Manchester City, scoring 14 goals in his first 10 games for the club since joining from Borussia Dortmund in the summer transfer window. Despite his impressive performances, Haaland’s rating remains unchanged from the previous game.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Haaland has a physicality rating of 87, which is only one point lower than centre-back Ruben Dias’ rating of 88. This highlights Haaland’s physical strength and his ability to hold off defenders.

Overall, while Haaland is disappointed with his rating in FIFA 23, he is still a force to be reckoned with on the football pitch. His incredible talent and impressive performances are sure to continue making headlines and exciting football fans around the world.

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