Video : Meet the “Wheel-less” Bicycle That’s Breaking All the Rules and Turning Heads

Video : Meet the “Wheel-less” Bicycle That’s Breaking All the Rules and Turning Heads


Meet the “Wheel-less” Bicycle That’s Breaking All the Rules and Turning Heads

Introducing the Revolutionary “Wheel-less” Bicycle That’s Defying Conventions and Captivating Attention

Prepare to be amazed once again by the innovative mind of The Q, the eccentric YouTuber who previously wowed us with a square-wheeled bicycle. This time, he pushes the boundaries even further by asking, “What if a bicycle had no wheels?”

The Q, based in the United States, consistently delivers mind-boggling videos that never fail to intrigue. Among his creations, he has built the world’s smallest bicycle, a bike with 60 tennis balls for tires, and even one with split, semi-circular wheels. The fascinating aspect of all his experiments is that despite their peculiar nature, they actually work. And in each video, you can witness The Q’s step-by-step process of constructing these unconventional bicycles, giving you the inspiration to embark on your own eccentric transportation endeavors.

Designed by The Q, this unconventional bicycle may not have traditional wheels, but it still relies on rotating elements to propel itself forward. The bike features two sets of wheel belts, positioned at absurd angles, resulting in an attention-grabbing silhouette. Functioning somewhat like a tank, the Wheel-less Bike moves forward thanks to the rotation of these wheel belts. Technically speaking, the bicycle does have rotating elements, so it wouldn’t be accurate to claim it has no wheels. However, it does deviate from the typical rubberized wheels that define the conventional bicycle design.

As you pedal away, the wheel belts rotate, propelling you forward. Due to the small curved radius of the wheel belts, you shouldn’t expect high speeds. Nevertheless, be prepared to draw curious stares and perhaps face a few inquiries from bewildered onlookers. I wouldn’t recommend taking this bicycle on rough terrain or bumpy roads, though!

To construct the wheel-less bike, The Q began with a bicycle frame devoid of wheels. Instead of installing the usual circular wheels, he opted for linear metal members with chains mounted on the rim, encompassed by a rubber tread reminiscent of tank treads. To connect the pedals to this belt, The Q added an additional gear to the bike frame, linking the pedals to the top of the rear “wheel.” To ensure stability, the wheels were securely fixed at two points, allowing them to maintain their angular mounting position as you ride the bicycle.

The silent YouTube video, while lacking in explanations, takes you on an entertaining 6-minute and 47-second visual journey. It’s a fun ride, much like The Q’s extraordinary bicycle itself!
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