Top 5 players with the highest IQ’s

Top 5 players with the highest IQ’s

Top 5 players with the highest IQ's

Petr Cech 140

Petr Cech is a former Czech goalkeeper who holds the record for the most clean sheets in Premier League history. He has won several trophies, including four Premier League titles, four FA cups, Europa League, and a Champions League. He is also known for his charity work and is considered one of the smartest athletes. He earned a degree in journalism while at Chelsea and later obtained another degree in sports science and finance while at Manchester United.

Juan Mata- IQ score: 142

Due to his many charities, this Spanish star is one of the most loved sports figures at the moment and also one of the smartest. While still at Chelsea earned a degree in journalism, and while at Manchester United, he obtained another degree in sports Science and finance.

Mario Balotelli 147,

Mario Balotelli, also known as “Super Mario,” is an Italian football superstar who may surprise many with his high IQ score of 147.

Frank Lampard 150.

Frank Lampard is a legendary Chelsea midfielder known for his goal-scoring ability and intelligence. He is considered one of the smartest footballers ever to play the game, having scored over 150 on an IQ test with Mensa, putting him in the top 0.1% of people on the planet, according to The Sun. Lampard’s accomplishments at Chelsea, both as a player and a manager, are remarkable.

Gerard Pique 170

Gerard Pique is a Spanish footballer who has won the UEFA Champions League twice. Despite being known as a football powerhouse, his father revealed in an interview with La Vanguardia that Pique has an IQ score of 170. Pique also studied Business Economics at ESADE business school, one of the world’s most prestigious business institutions.

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