The internet went cr@zy after seeing John Mahama’s lookalike

The internet went cr@zy after seeing John Mahama’s lookalike

The internet went cr@zy after seeing John Mahama's lookalike

The internet went cr@zy after seeing John Mahama’s lookalike

In Ghana, there is currently a controversial lookalike competition taking place that has gained widespread attention on social media. Many popular Ghanaian artists such as Medikal, Kuame Eugene, Fameye, Mr. Drew, and King Promise have recently had lookalikes pop up, causing quite a stir on the internet. While some people have praised the lookalikes for their striking resemblance to the artists, others have condemned the act, particularly since some of the lookalikes have taken advantage of their resemblance to the artists to perform at shows under their names.

One of the artists, Medikal, has spoken out against the lookalike trend, calling on them to stop using his name for their own gain. He has warned that anyone caught impersonating him would face legal action. The controversy surrounding the lookalikes has continued to grow, with many people taking to social media to express their views.

However, the latest lookalike to cause a buzz in Ghana is none other than John Dramani Mahama, the former president of Ghana. Mahama’s lookalike has appeared on social media, causing a stir among Ghanaians. Many have been amazed at how much the lookalike resembles the former president, with some even suggesting that he could be Mahama’s long lost twin.

While the idea of having a lookalike may seem harmless to some, it can have negative consequences, especially when the impersonators take advantage of their resemblance to the real person for their own gain. The issue has become a topic of debate in Ghana, with many calling for the lookalike trend to stop altogether.

In conclusion, the lookalike competition in Ghana has generated a lot of controversy on social media. While some see it as a harmless form of entertainment, others view it as an unethical and potentially damaging practice. With the recent appearance of John Dramani Mahama’s lookalike, the debate surrounding the trend is likely to continue.

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