Sarkodie announces ‘Jamz World Tour’ 2023
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Sarkodie announces ‘Jamz World Tour’ 2023

Sarkodie announces ‘Jamz World Tour’ 2023

Sarkodie announces ‘Jamz World Tour’ 2023

Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most renowned and successful rappers, has just announced his “Jamz World Tour” for 2023. Fans of the artist are eagerly awaiting the tour, which will see Sarkodie perform in cities all over the world, including London, New York, Paris, Johannesburg, and more.

The tour is set to begin in January 2023, and will run until the end of the year. During this time, Sarkodie will be performing at some of the world’s most iconic venues, including the O2 Arena in London, the Apollo Theater in New York, and the Zenith in Paris.

Sarkodie’s “Jamz World Tour” will be a celebration of his music and the impact it has had on the world. The rapper has been releasing music for over a decade, and in that time, he has become one of the most respected and influential artists in the industry. His music is known for its powerful lyrics and infectious beats, and his live shows are known for being energetic and engaging.

One of the highlights of the tour will be Sarkodie’s performance at the Apollo Theater in New York. The Apollo Theater has a long history of hosting some of the biggest names in music, and Sarkodie’s performance there will be a major milestone in his career.

To promote the tour, Sarkodie has been utilizing social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to share tour updates and behind-the-scenes content. He has also been using influencer marketing to reach a larger audience and build excitement for the tour.

In addition to promoting the tour, Sarkodie has also been working on new music to release during the tour. Fans can expect to hear some of his latest tracks during the live shows, as well as some of his classic hits.

Sarkodie’s “Jamz World Tour” is sure to be a hit with fans all over the world. The tour will be an opportunity for fans to see one of the most talented and respected artists in the industry perform live, and to celebrate the power and impact of music.


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