Pictures: Missing Teacher Found Deceased.

Pictures: Missing Teacher Found Deceased.


Tragic Discovery: Missing Teacher Found Deceased

The search for a missing teacher, Francis Dorheame, garnered attention from concerned family, friends, and the public. His whereabouts had become unknown after his room was discovered unlocked, with his phone and belongings untouched since the evening of Tuesday, June 20th, 2023.

Regrettably, the search concluded with the distressing discovery that Francis Dorheame had been found deceased. Francis Dorheame was a dedicated teacher at Saviefe Agorkpo in the Ho West District.

Picture of the dead teacher 

He was found hanging in what looks like a suicide. However, the police is investigating the circumstances of his death to ensure it is not a cover up act of suicide. The police are pursuing the case on two fronts. That is either he comfited suicide or it was set-up by anyone as such.


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