Man United should sign Osimhen over Harry Kane – Berbatov

Man United should sign Osimhen over Harry Kane – Berbatov

Man United should sign Osimhen over Harry Kane – Berbatov

Man United should sign Osimhen over Harry Kane – Berbatov

Dimitri Berbatov considers Napoli frontman, Victor Osimhen a much better option than Tottenham striker Harry Kane for Manchester United frontline role.

The Old Trafford side have had their eyes on the transfer market for a proven goalscorer ever since Cristiano Ronaldo abruptly left the club in the middle of the season.

Berbatov, who scored 56 goals in 149 appearances for United, stressed that the club needs a striker who can guarantee them 25 goals a season.

He acknowledged the quality of Kane but doubted the English international will leave Tottenham for a rival like Man United.

The Bulgarian, however, endorsed the choice of Osimhen, noting his age and prolific goalscoring talent stand him out.

“I think they need a centre forward. Someone who can bring goals,” he says. “You buy some centre forward and you say this is the guy who’s bringing 25 goals. They need someone like this. They need to go and look for a class goalscorer.”

“You cannot argue with the goalscoring record of Harry Kane. He is one of the best of his generation in how he scores goals, how he plays the game, how he sees the game. And he’s unbelievable,” he says.

“But the one concern I have is that age, he is [almost] 30 so nobody’s getting any younger. And in my mind this is going to be a major concern if someone is going to buy him.

“I think that he’s going to stay at Spurs, because in my mind his legacy is too big for Spurs. He’s [top] goalscorer of all time, he’s [top] goalscorer for England as well. He’s a captain.

“When you say Spurs, the first thing on my mind is Harry Kane. So that legacy, it’s just too big for him to tarnish. If he goes to a different club, I don’t think anybody connected with Spurs will be happy. Everybody will be angry.”

“It’s so difficult because you need someone who’s going to score goals. Someone who’s going to be the right age so he can develop and get better and better and better. So you have to use him for years to come. In my mind, that is Osimhen,” Berbatov says.

“He’s having an unbelievable season and he’s doing great stuff. So this is the type of player I’d like to see for United.”

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