Kwesi Righteous – This Year -ft -Rhiny boi -(Prod_by_ovanda)
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Kwesi Righteous – This Year -ft -Rhiny boi -(Prod_by_ovanda)

Kwesi Righteous - This Year -ft -Rhiny boi -(Prod_by_ovanda

This Year” is an electrifying and energetic track that introduces the world to the rising star Kwesi Righteous, featuring the dynamic collaboration with Rhiny Boi, and expertly produced by the talented Ovanda. The song encapsulates the spirit and fearlessness of Kwesi Righteous and his crew, showcasing their unyielding confidence in the face of adversity.

The pulsating beats and rich instrumentation produced by Ovanda serve as the driving force, propelling the lyrics forward with an infectious rhythm. Kwesi Righteous and Rhiny Boi deliver powerful verses that exude determination and grit, emphasizing their fearlessness in the pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.

The track’s chorus is anthemic, a bold proclamation of their undeniable presence and determination to succeed this year. It’s an ode to their unity and unwavering bond, exemplifying their belief that they will rise above any challenge that comes their way. “This Year” is a declaration of victory and a promise of prosperity, as they anticipate the arrival of their well-deserved success and financial triumph.

Kwesi Righteous – This Year -ft -Rhiny boi -(Prod_by_ovanda

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