Jude Bellingham breaks Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid record
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Jude Bellingham breaks Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid record


Real Madrid’s pursuit of Kylian Mbappe has spanned years, but a pressing question arises: do they even require him anymore? Undoubtedly, Mbappe is a spectacular talent, but within their ranks, Los Blancos may already possess a superior gem in Jude Bellingham. If the Englishman maintains his exceptional performances, the team’s focus should pivot towards building around him, forsaking all other players worldwide.

At the dawn of the season, Bellingham has been an unstoppable force. While it might be premature to make grandiose declarations, it feels as though Real Madrid is nurturing another future Ballon d’Or recipient. Bellingham’s influence persists in guiding Real Madrid to consecutive victories, occasionally appearing as a one-man show, leaving audiences in awe.

In stark contrast, we observe Mbappe struggling to lead PSG after the departures of Lionel Messi and Neymar. The club currently languishes in 5th place in Ligue 1 and recently suffered a resounding defeat to Newcastle United in the Champions League.

Bellingham’s recent exploits further solidify his status as the world’s best on current form. His extraordinary brace against Osasuna over the weekend, coupled with a wondergoal against Napoli midweek, exemplify his exceptional prowess. Moreover, Bellingham continues to shatter records with each passing match.

In a remarkable feat, Bellingham has even eclipsed Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal contributions during his early days at Real Madrid. With 13 contributions in his first 10 appearances, Bellingham outshines the Portuguese icon, who managed only 11. The sheer fact that Bellingham operates as a number 10 makes his accomplishments this season even more confounding.

Additionally, Real Madrid received a morale boost with goals from Joselu and Vinicius Jr., indicating that they are hitting peak form just before the highly anticipated El Clasico showdown.

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