He was better than Messi, he humiliated Real Madrid, today he sells wine for money

He was better than Messi, he humiliated Real Madrid, today he sells wine for money


Alexis Sánchez: From Football Glory to Wine Ventures

Alexis Sánchez, a celebrated figure in the world of soccer, has left an indelible mark on the sport. Once regarded as superior to Messi and renowned for humiliating Real Madrid, Sánchez has now embarked on a different path—venturing into the world of wine. Alongside his illustrious career, the Chilean striker has developed a passion for oenology and is currently investing in vineyards across Italy and Argentina. Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of this football icon turned wine aficionado.

A Glittering Football Career:
Sánchez’s resume boasts an impressive lineup of accomplishments. Having played for renowned European soccer clubs, he has left an indelible mark as one of the all-time greats in his country’s history. He led his national team to their first international titles, leaving a lasting legacy as their top goal scorer. However, it was during his time at FC Barcelona that Sánchez truly shone. Wearing the iconic culé jersey, he scored 46 goals in 141 games, with one goal standing out—his exquisite Vaseline shot that secured a memorable 2-1 victory against Real Madrid in the 2013 season.

Beyond Football: A Passion for Wine:
As Sánchez approaches the final phase of his sporting career, he has found a parallel passion in the world of wine. With vineyards in Italy and Argentina, he has embraced his role as a wine connoisseur and envisions further investments in oenology after retiring from professional play. This diversification into the realm of viticulture showcases his desire to explore new horizons and establish a legacy beyond the football pitch.

A Life of Extravagance:
Reflecting his tremendous success, Alexis Sánchez leads a life befitting his stature. Apart from his wine ventures, he has invested in a lavish mansion in Santiago de Chile worth a staggering 7 million euros. This opulent residence spans three floors and includes six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a jacuzzi, and a fully equipped gym. Speculation suggests that this luxurious abode will serve as his home once he bids farewell to his professional football career.

Alexis Sánchez, renowned for his football prowess, has embarked on an exciting new chapter by immersing himself in the world of wine. With an impressive football legacy and a passion for oenology, he is forging a path that transcends his on-field accomplishments. As Sánchez continues to excel both on and off the pitch, his transition into the wine industry serves as a testament to his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

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