GTLE: Teachers who didn’t pass are those who failed in previous years – Dr Peter Anti

GTLE: Teachers who didn’t pass are those who failed in previous years – Dr Peter Anti


GTLE: Teachers who didn’t pass are those who failed in previous years – Dr Peter Anti.
The recent revelation by Dr Peter Anti, Executive Director of the Institute for Education Studies, regarding the high failure rate of teachers in the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) raises concerns about the quality of educators entering the teaching profession. Out of 7,728 prospective teachers who resat the examination, only 1,277 passed, representing a pass rate of 16.5 percent.

Dr Anti points out that many of the candidates who failed had attempted the exam multiple times in previous years, indicating a persistent struggle to meet the requirements for teaching certification. The National Teaching Council (NTC) is introducing reforms that will change the format and content of the examination, prompting a need to address the backlog of candidates who have not been successful thus far.

It is crucial to acknowledge that ensuring quality education requires competent and skilled teachers. While the reform proposed by the NTC aims to improve the standard of teachers entering the profession, it is necessary to support those who have faced difficulties passing the exam. Dr Anti emphasizes that the focus should not be compromised in terms of maintaining quality education. The goal should be to have educators who possess a strong grasp of the subject matter, effective teaching skills, and an understanding of the psychology of the students they will be teaching.

Efforts should be made to provide additional support and resources to teachers who have struggled to pass the GTLE. This could include targeted training programs, mentorship opportunities, and resources for exam preparation. By offering these forms of support, the education system can help these teachers improve their knowledge and skills, ensuring that they are adequately prepared to provide quality education to students.

In conclusion, while the high failure rate in the GTLE may be a result of the NTC’s new reform, it is essential to address the challenges faced by teachers who have struggled to pass the exam. By providing support and resources, the education system can strive to maintain high-quality teaching and ensure that educators possess the necessary qualifications and competencies to positively impact students’ learning experiences.

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