GES Recruitment 2023 Opened At The Regional Level
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GES Recruitment 2023 Opened At The Regional Level


GES Recruitment 2023 Opened At The Regional Level

The recruitment process for the GES is presently underway, specifically at the regional level, and we have detailed information on how to apply.

The Oti Regional Education Directorate is inviting applications from qualified individuals who are currently employed by the GES and serving within the Oti Region. The ideal applicants are expected to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, possess a strong drive towards achieving set goals, and be highly result-oriented. Such applicants will be evaluated for various positions in the recently established Guan District Education Directorate, situated within the Oti Region.

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GES Recruitment Positions


About GES Recruitment At Regional Level

  • Successful applicants will be Generally responsible for the implementation of the Pre-tertiary Education act 2020 (Act 1049) for improved, effective and efficient education service delivery of policies and circulars of the Ghana Education Service in the Guan District Education Directorate of the Oti Region.

Recruitment Of Head Of Planning And Budget

Job Responsibilities

  1. Collecting, analyzing and maintaining accurate Data on enrolment, staffing,
    physical state of infrastructure, textbooks, furniture, etc. on all Pre-Tertiary
    institutions (both public and private) for planning purposes.
  2. Analyzing results of tests and examinations (including NST, BECE and WASSCE)
    conducted for purpose of monitoring and evaluation in the District.
  3. Co-ordinating Training of SISOs and Basic School Heads on the conduct of Annual
    School Census.
  4. Ensuring the successful conduct of Annual School Census in the District.
  5. Recommending the construction of New Educational Infrastructure in the District
    after thorough assessment as and when necessary.
  6. Collaborating with the Regional Head of Planning on issues concerning data in
  7. Conducting Research, Monitoring and Evaluation of activities in the District.
    Processing data into information and making it readily available for planning,
    monitoring and evaluation purposes at District, Regional and National level when
  8. Conduct needs assessment of the District.
  9. Managing all staff of the Planning Unit including conducting performance
    appraisal, training assessment and discipline in consultation with the Director to
    improve work performance.

Recruitment Of Guidance And Counselling Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

  1. Provide cognitive and emotional support to children as well as teachers.
  2. Offer Career Guidance to pupils/students.
  3. Organize orientation programmes for First year students of JHS and SHS.
  4. Co-ordinate the work of Basic and Second Cycles Schools based Guidance
    and Counselling Coordinators.
  5. Prepare annual guidance programme and submit same to District Director of
  6. Organize periodic workshop, seminars and meetings for Schools Guidance
    and Counselling Coordinators.
  7. Prepare annual estimates for guidance and counselling programmes of the
  8. Ensure that Cumulative Records Booklets are fairly distributed and properly
    managed in Basic Schools.

Recruitment Of Girls’ Education Officer

Job Responsibilities

  1. Generally promoting Girls Education agenda and parity of access to
    education for both boys and girls at all levels in the district
  2. Tracking drop out and re-entry cases of girls and boys.
  3. Selecting and encouraging the Girl-child to participate in the Annual Science
    Technology and Mathematics and Innovation Education (STMIE)
  4. Serve as a Role Model during outreach programs to impact on both parents
    and the Girl-Child.
  5. Formation of Girls’ Clubs in schools (Basic and 2nd Cycles).
  6. Giving education on adolescent reproductive health and life skills.
  7. Organizing Girls’ Education Week Celebrations.
  8. Organizing periodic workshops and Seminars to sensitize the Girl-child and
    parents on the Girl-child.
  9. Collecting data on critical indicators such as Girls’ enrolment, retention,
    transition and achievement rates.
  10. Submitting activity, quarterly and annual reports on the accomplishments of the

Recruitment Of Public Relations Officer

  1. Reports directly to the District Director and serves as lead support to the District
  2. Developing and implementing communication strategies for the Directorate and
    advise Management on communication issues and strategies.
  3. Preparing organizational documents such as quarterly and annual reports for the
  4. Organizing special events such as open days, visits, exhibitions and functions.
  5. Conducting internal communication courses, workshops and media training.
  6. Acting as a liaison officer between the various Units of the Directorate and
    between other institutions and the District Education Directorate.
  7. Writing speeches for the District Director.
  8. Taking minutes/records at Management meetings and any other special meeting
    convened by the District Director.
  9. Arranging for press conferences and press releases where necessary with
    approval from the District Director.

Recruitment Of IT Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

  1. Implement and provide support for the roll out of EduTech programmes within
    schools in the District.
  2. Installing and configuring computers hardware, software, systems, network,
    printers and scanners.
  3. Provide training to teachers and other staff on GES relevant technologies.
  4. Monitor the teaching and learning of ICT in schools and give technical support to
  5. Implement and manage the integration of manual and digital processes to
    facilitate digitization for the improvement of learning and teaching outcomes.
  6. Support network management protocols and monitoring techniques.
  7. Support rapid deployment of operating systems and applications in multiple
  8. Facilitate and monitor the implementation/roll-out of all ICT interventions in the

Recruitment Of School Health Education Programme Officer

Job Responsibilities

  1. Organizing capacity building activities for school SHEP Co-ordinators.
  2. Distributing SHEP material to the schools.
  3. Advocating for SHEP at various committees.
  4. Organizing regular meetings with Schools SHEP Coordinators.
  5. Supervising and monitoring school level SHEP activities.
  6. Collaborating with stakeholders on relevant School Health Activities.
  7. Liaising with schools to celebrate School Health Week, and National and
    International Commemoration Days.

Recruitment Of Early Childhood Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for coordinating all activities of KG Schools in the District.
  2. Monitoring and supervising Teaching and Learning Activities of KG Schools.
  3. Working with key stakeholders to ensure that all children have access to quality
    education regardless of their background.
  4. Providing professional support to headteachers and teachers of KG Schools.
  5. Providing support for implementing safe school initiatives outlined by the GES at
    the District level particularly at the early childhood development stage.
  6. Providing support in promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion at the early
    development stages.
  7. Providing support for implementation at the district level and in accordance with
    GES guidelines, systems for safeguarding the overall safety and health (general
    welfare) of pupils and staff at all schools within the District.

Recruitment Of Administrative Officer

Job Responsibilities

  1. Drafting letters, memos and making sure all official records are properly kept.
  2. Supervising and assigning duties to the secretary, clerical and non-teaching staff.
  3. Assisting the Human Resource officer to work on retirements for both teaching and
  4. Assisting the Human Resource officer work on recruitment of non-teaching staff.
  5. Preparing leave certificates and leave roster for the staff.
  6. Assisting the Human Resource officer work on promotions of non-teaching staff.
  7. Keeping of confidential files on all staff and keep custody and control the
    movement of files.

GES Recruitment Qualification And Experience

  1. A minimum of first degree in relevant course from a recognized Institution.
  2. A second degree will be an added advantage.
  3. A serving certified Graduate Professional Teacher or Non-Teaching Staff in the
    Ghana Education Service.
  4. c) For position (I), the applicant must be on a rank not lower than Assistant Director
    I (AD I) for three (3) years. He/She should have served on any of the schedules
    within the Planning Unit in the past.
  5. For positions II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII, the applicant must be on the rank of
    Assistant Director II (AD II) or higher three (3) years.
  6. For position VIII, the applicant must be on the rank of Principal Administrative
    Officer for not less than two (years).
  7. You must have satisfactory work history.
  8. You must have experience in working in an office.
  9. You must be a computer literate.
  10. Applications from women and persons with disabilities are encouraged

GES Recruitment General Requirements

  1. Excellent communication skills in English Languages.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
  3. Excellent knowledge and implementation of Pre-Tertiary Education act.
  4. Ability to take initiatives and bring innovations.
  5. Knowledge of relevant IT applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  6. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  7. Excellent report writing skills.
  8. Excellent decision making and problem-solving skills
  9. General knowledge and understanding of educational policies especially those
    related to the job schedule applied for.

GES Terms Of Appointment

  1. Applicant should be able to serve for a minimum of four (4) years on
    appointment before reaching the compulsory retirement age of sixty (60) years.
  2. Salary and Condition of Service are as laid down by the Ghana Education

Application Procedures : How To Apply

Interested and qualified persons should hand deliver applications addressed to the Regional Director and attach the following certified documents:

  1. Relevant Educational Certificates.
  2. Personal Record Form duly completed and endorsed by your Head/Director.
  3. Curriculum Vitae.
  4. First Appointment Letter.
  5. Last Promotion Letter.
  6. Recent passport picture with red background.
  7. Confidential report from your immediate Head/Director.

GES Recruitment Regional Level Deadline

  • All applications must reach the Regional Director of Education, Oti – Jasikan on or
    before Friday, 19th May, 2023.

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