Frank Naro’s Insonmia
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Frank Naro’s Insonmia

Frank Naro's Insonmia

Frank Naro’s Insonmia

Frank Naro, a well-known individual in the public eye, has recently made a statement regarding his lack of sleep in the past few weeks. According to Naro, the cause of his insomnia is due to the recent “juju” allegations that have been made against him.

Juju, also known as black magic or sorcery, is a traditional African belief system that involves the use of magic or spells to cause harm to others. The allegations against Naro suggest that he has been using juju to manipulate and harm those around him.

These allegations have caused a great deal of distress for Naro, who has stated that they have been weighing heavily on his mind. He has been unable to sleep properly, feeling constantly anxious and on edge.

Naro has stated that he categorically denies these allegations and is working tirelessly to clear his name. He is cooperating fully with the authorities and is eager to prove his innocence. He has also expressed his disappointment at the way these allegations have been handled by the media, who he feels have been quick to judge without all the facts.

Frank Naro
Frank Naro

In a statement to the press, Naro said, “I am deeply troubled by these false allegations against me. I have never engaged in any illegal or unethical practices, and I will do everything in my power to prove my innocence.”

These allegations have sparked a heated debate among the public, with many taking to social media to express their opinions. Some have called for a thorough investigation to be conducted, while others have been quick to defend Naro, citing his good character and reputation.

In conclusion, the recent “juju” allegations against Frank Naro have had a significant impact on his life, causing him to suffer from insomnia and anxiety. He denies any wrongdoing and is working hard to clear his name. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this situation will be, and what impact it will have on Naro’s reputation and career.


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