Elon Musk Replaced Twitter’s Bird Logo to ‘Doge Meme’

Elon Musk Replaced Twitter’s Bird Logo to ‘Doge Meme’

Elon Musk Replaced Twitter’s Bird Logo to ‘Doge Meme’

The well-known micro-blogging platform Twitter has undergone numerous changes over the past year since it was bought by billionaire Elon Musk. Recently, he surprised everyone by making an unexpected change to the platform’s logo.

Elon Musk is known for his love of memes and humor, and many Twitter users expected that the logo change was a joke for April Fool’s Day. However, it turned out to be a permanent change. If you use Twitter regularly, you may have already noticed that the Twitter logo has been replaced by the Dogecoin cryptocurrency’s image, which is also a popular meme.

Initially, many people thought that the change was only temporary and related to April Fool’s Day, as it didn’t happen on that day. However, it has been two days, and the new Shiba Inu logo is still present on the Twitter Home panel’s top and loading screen. The icon of the app still includes the signature bird logo, though.

Elon Musk hasn’t provided an explanation yet for this big change in the platform. However, he has shared some tweets about it that indicate it is a permanent change. Musk made a promise to make the Doge meme Twitter’s new logo before buying the platform, which he has now fulfilled. He has also shared a meme that shows the face of the Doge meme riding a car, and a police officer checking the driving license, which displays the ‘old’ blue bird logo. Doge says, “That’s an old photo.”

Bloomberg reported separately that Dogecoin’s value had increased by around 30% after Twitter’s logo change.

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