Efya Expresses Unfamiliarity with Blakk Rasta and Challenges His Musical Contributions in Interview
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Efya Expresses Unfamiliarity with Blakk Rasta and Challenges His Musical Contributions in Interview


Efya Expresses Unfamiliarity with Blakk Rasta and Challenges His Musical Contributions in Interview

Ghanaian singer, Efya, recently made headlines after revealing that she was unfamiliar with Blakk Rasta, a reggae musician and radio presenter, during an interview on GhOne TV’s Rhythms show. The host of the show brought up Blakk Rasta’s name, to which Efya responded with confusion, asking “Who is that? He’s a rapper; he’s a what?…he’s a radio journalist?… But journalists say what they want, they don’t care. I don’t think I know who he is. What does he do, radio?” After receiving some clarification from the host, Efya admitted to knowing the 3FM presenter and described him as a funny man who does funny music.

However, Efya’s statements about Blakk Rasta and his music sparked a heated debate on social media. The controversial revelation was made in reference to Blakk Rasta’s recent criticism of Sarkodie’s verse on the remake of Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’, which was released in January 2023. Blakk Rasta described Sarkodie’s performance as a “desecration of the legacy of Bob Marley” and “nothing but a desecration of the holy music”.

In response to Blakk Rasta’s criticism, Efya expressed her honest thoughts, saying that she believes Blakk Rasta doesn’t have the authority to criticize the song, and that his opinion won’t change anything. The multiple award-winning singer also had a message for Ghanaians and industry players who are quick to ridicule the works of others with their unwanted opinions.


According to Efya, it is not necessary for her to know everyone in the music business, as she subscribes to the idea of “God for us all”. She also questioned the impact of Blakk Rasta’s criticism, asking “What level has he gotten to criticize the song?” Efya’s statements have received mixed reactions, with some agreeing with her perspective, while others believe that Blakk Rasta has a right to express his opinion.

Efya is a highly regarded and successful artist in her own right, with a plethora of hit songs to her name. As a neo-soul vocalist, songwriter, performer, and actress, she has made a significant impact in the music industry, and her talent and dedication have earned her numerous awards and recognition.

In conclusion, Efya’s revelation about not knowing Blakk Rasta has sparked a heated debate on social media, with people taking sides and expressing their opinions. The singer’s message about the importance of letting others have their opinions, and the idea of “God for us all,” has also received attention. Regardless of the opinions expressed, Efya remains a highly respected and successful artist, and her contribution to the music industry will not be forgotten.

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