Drake thrilled at possibility of being Nigerian, Ghanaian

Drake thrilled at possibility of being Nigerian, Ghanaian


Award-winning music star Drake has disclosed that his father, Dennis Graham, possesses 80% African lineage, making him a descendant of Ghana as well.

The rapper shared a screenshot of his father’s DNA test results on his Instagram story. The test was posted on Ancestry.com, an American genealogy website.

The DNA analysis further discovered that Drake’s father has a multi-ethnic background, including roots in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Benin, and Togo.

His lineage in Nigeria surpluses all with 30% while Ghana and Ivory Coast share 11%, Cameroon, Congo and other Western countries with 28%, Mali with 7% and Benin and Togo sharing 4.

Drake seemed thrilled with the discovery, captioning his Instagram post with a question, “This is my dad’s result. Does this mean I am a Naija man finally?”

Drake joins the multiple westerners whose ancestry have traced them to Africa, especially West Africa.

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