Christian Atsu Found Alive After Devastating Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
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Christian Atsu Found Alive After Devastating Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Christian Atsu

Christian Atsu Found Alive After Devastating Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Christian Atsu, former Newcastle United winger, has been found alive and is reportedly recovering in hospital following the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The earthquake, which struck the region on Friday, has caused widespread devastation, with reports indicating that it has claimed the lives of over 3,800 people and thousands more remain missing.

Atsu, who currently plays for Hatayspor in the Turkish Super Lig, is said to have been pulled from the rubble following the quake. The news of his survival has been met with a great deal of relief by fans and the football community, who have been praying for his safe return.

The earthquake, which measured 6.7 on the Richter scale, struck the province of Elazig in eastern Turkey, causing widespread damage and injuring over 1,600 people. In addition to the human toll, the earthquake has also caused widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure, leaving thousands of people homeless.


In the aftermath of the disaster, rescue workers and aid organizations have been working tirelessly to locate survivors and provide assistance to those in need. Despite the difficult conditions, they have been making progress in their efforts, and more survivors are being pulled from the rubble each day.

The thoughts of everyone at Newcastle United and the wider football community are with those affected by the earthquake, and we wish Christian Atsu a full and speedy recovery. The football world has been showing its support for the people of Turkey and Syria, with many clubs and players expressing their condolences and offering to help in any way they can.

In the coming days and weeks, it is important that we come together to support those affected by the earthquake, and to work towards a brighter future for the region. Whether it be through donations to aid organizations, or by offering our support to those in need, we must do what we can to help those who have been impacted by this disaster.

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