African Football’s Finest: The Ultimate Best 11

African Football’s Finest: The Ultimate Best 11

African Football's Finest: The Ultimate Best 11

African Football’s Finest: The Ultimate Best 11

African football has produced some of the world’s most talented and skillful players, known for their flair, athleticism, and dedication to the game. From the bustling streets of Dakar to the vibrant pitches of Johannesburg, African players have conquered hearts and football fields across the globe. In this blog post, we present the ultimate African Best 11, a dream team composed of outstanding players from different generations who have left an indelible mark on the beautiful game.

1. Goalkeeper: Essam El-Hadary (Egypt)

Nicknamed “The High Dam,” Essam El-Hadary is an Egyptian legend and one of Africa’s greatest goalkeepers. His remarkable reflexes, shot-stopping abilities, and leadership skills guided Egypt to numerous African Cup of Nations triumphs.

2. Right-Back: Lauren (Cameroon)

Known for his versatility and tenacity, Lauren Etame Mayer, commonly known as Lauren, was a key figure in Cameroon’s golden era. He played an essential role in the Indomitable Lions’ victory in the 2000 Olympic Games and back-to-back AFCON titles in 2000 and 2002.

3. Center-Back: Samuel Kuffour (Ghana)

A rock-solid defender with immense determination, Samuel Kuffour was a standout for both Bayern Munich and the Ghanaian national team. His stellar performances helped Ghana qualify for their first-ever FIFA World Cup in 2006.

4. Center-Back: Lucas Radebe (South Africa)

Nicknamed the “Chief,” Lucas Radebe was a true leader on and off the pitch. He played a crucial role in Leeds United’s success in the English Premier League and was an inspiring captain for South Africa during their return to international football in the 1990s.

5. Left-Back: Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia)

Kalusha Bwalya, affectionately known as “King Kalu,” was a skillful left-back with a lethal left foot. His contributions to Zambian football and his leadership as the national team captain made him a revered figure in African football.

6. Midfield: Jay-Jay Okocha (Nigeria)

Undoubtedly one of Africa’s most mesmerizing midfielders, Jay-Jay Okocha’s dribbling skills and creative flair were a joy to watch. He inspired Nigeria to AFCON victory in 1994 and was a key figure in the Super Eagles’ journey to the 1998 FIFA World Cup Round of 16.

7. Midfield: Yaya Touré (Côte d’Ivoire)

An imposing force in midfield, Yaya Touré was a driving force behind Côte d’Ivoire’s success. His powerful runs, precision passing, and goal-scoring abilities contributed significantly to their AFCON triumph in 2015.

8. Midfield: Abedi Pele (Ghana)

Hailed as the “African Maradona,” Abedi Pele was a creative maestro and one of Ghana’s greatest footballers. He won the AFCON title in 1982 and earned a reputation as one of Africa’s most gifted playmakers.

9. Forward: George Weah (Liberia)

George Weah’s exceptional talent and mesmerizing runs earned him the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 1995, the first and only African player to achieve this feat. His incredible career included spells at Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, and Chelsea.

10. Forward: Didier Drogba (Côte d’Ivoire)

A powerful striker with an incredible goal-scoring record, Didier Drogba was a true icon for Côte d’Ivoire. His leadership skills, combined with his clinical finishing, inspired the Ivorian team to AFCON glory in 2006 and their first FIFA World Cup appearance in 2006.

11. Forward: Roger Milla (Cameroon)

Known for his iconic goal celebrations and legendary performances, Roger Milla was a true trailblazer for African football. He lit up the 1990 FIFA World Cup with his goals and inspired Cameroon to a historic quarterfinal appearance.


African football has been blessed with an abundance of extraordinary talents, each leaving their unique legacy on the sport. The African Best 11 dream team showcases a diverse selection of players who have captivated fans worldwide with their skill, passion, and commitment to the game. As African football continues to flourish, we eagerly await the rise of the next generation of stars destined to leave their indomitable mark on the pitch.

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